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Top Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh Make Your City Break a Pleasant One

Do you remember when was the last time you took a city break? Well, it’s been quite long for not having taken a city break as you were professionally engaged in some crucial tasks. But you know that the summer season has already begun, you should consider flying to one of the most explored tourist destinations not only in the UK, but all across the globe. And what can be better than taking your long-awaited city break in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has all the reasons to catch the attention of those travelers who express a deep fascination for traveling back in time, and those who admire living in the present age. Located right in the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh is the city where you would be spoiled for choice because this charming Scottish town is loaded with so much in its bag to offer to you. You may run short of time, but there the fun and excitement in this city never come to an end. There is something magical in the air which keeps the travelers coming back for more and more. You must inquire about taking cheap flights to Edinburgh and choose the one which seems friendly on your pocket.

Welcome to the appealing city of Edinburgh!

You might not be able to get enough of this marvelous Scottish city on your first day but as and when you begin soaking yourself in its warmth, you will find every reason why you should fall in love with the city. It would be hard us to describe the ever-lasting charm of this city in plain words. This is because of the fact that everything in Edinburgh starting right from its scenery to architecture and its mouth-watering food is commendable, and lets every tourist have a great time to be cherished for long.

Edinburgh is the city which takes a great sense of pride for hosting the largest arts festival in the world held every August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In fact, it is the best known for its August festival, which is an extraordinary extravaganza that lasts for a month, and includes plenty of festivals which take place at the same time. But you would come to know about other festivals which take place throughout the year. If you want to be a part of the great arts festival, you must plan in advance and compare cheap flight tickets to Edinburgh so that you can get the best deal.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Edinburgh which you cannot afford to miss are mentioned below.

1.Enjoy the Striking Views from the Magnificent Edinburgh Castle – Situated on Castle Rock in Edinburgh, the magnificent Edinburgh Castle has been right at the heart of Scotland’s life for more than a millennium. It is, in fact, one of the major tourist highlights in the UK that have been turning its charm on every history lover. This stunning castle has played a crucial role in the history of Scotland, and served as a royal residence to the King Malcolm Canmore.

2.National Gallery of Scotland – You would never want to miss taking a tour to the Scottish National Gallery. This gallery houses a fine collection of Scottish and International art works and sculptures. You will come across various collections of art starting from the period of Renaissance to the 20th century.

3.Scott Monument – It is the monument dedicated to one of the great writers of Scotland, Sir Walter Scott. Born way back in 1771 in Edinburgh, Sir Walter Scott is known not only the first writer of historical novels, but also the best one, undoubtedly. His poems and books made him establish his name all around the world.

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Make Your Holiday a Soothing One with Kabul’s Popular Attractions

compare flights to kabul

There are so many tourist destinations in the world that have been acting as a great temptation for many eager holidaymakers who just cannot wait flying to one of their chosen destinations. Every destination on Earth is filled with plenty of mind-blowing attractions which are worthy of every traveler’s visit, and one such destination is Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

You will surely agree with the fact that not many tourists would like to fly to this city, as most of its area has been under the influence of the Taliban. But this does not make the passionate tourists to cause delay in their traveling plan by a month or so. Once they have decided to take cheap flights to Kabul, there is no looking back. Going on a holiday to the compelling city of Kabul will definitely be a treat for those who greatly admire associating themselves with the olden times. In fact, the historical background of this city dates back to more than 3,500 years ago. So, you can imagine which all empires had their respective share of rule over the city. After all the empires came to an end, Kabul was ruled by Babur, who was the founder of the Mughal Dynasty.

Kabul is the fifth largest growing city in the world and has been attracting many tourists from all around the world. You might have never considered going on a holiday to Kabul due to what’s been happening in the city, and these things reflect a negative image about the city, but your holiday destination this summer season should be the capital of Afghanistan. You surely will not be disappointed.

What are some of the most explored tourist attractions in Kabul?

To tell you the truth, there is simply no end to the number of highlights that attract every traveler visiting the city for the first time, but some of the most popular ones are mentioned below.

1.Kabul Museum – Once known as one of the greatest museums on Earth, the Kabul museum was opened way back in 1919. This museum lies in front of the Darulaman Palace and one of its interesting displays shows Hellenistic gold coins, antique bronzes and old Buddhist statues. Many history lovers take compare air tickets to Kabul so that they can book the one within their budget.

2.Babur’s Gardens – Babur, founder of the Mughal Kingdom, had a great love for his garden that he wished to be buried in the garden in the late 16th century. Many tourists visit this attraction, which is one of the most admired highlights in the city and it’s covered with a beautiful landscape.
3.Sultani Museum – The Sultani Museum was established way back in 2004 by Ahmad Shah Sultani, who was a renowned gold and antique merchant. He spent most of his time in the British capital and collected ancient pieces of Afghanistan in a huge number. You can find more than 3,000 Afghan pieces in this gallery.


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Amsterdam: An amazing place to visit at least once in a lifetime

flight tickets to amsterdam

If you are planning to go out for a European holiday, then Amsterdam can be the best place to take pleasure in with your family, or friends or partner. If you are going to Amsterdam then you will see that this place combines culture, food, and fun in a single beautiful, old-fashioned city to bring forward an experience unlike any other.

It is the capital and the biggest city of Netherlands, Amsterdam is situated in North Holland province which is in the west of the nation. Amsterdam is country’s financial as well as cultural capital. As a travel destination, it’s the 5th most frequented visited destination in Europe. It is a small city, but it is magnificent in history, art and the assurance of breathtaking adventures, Amsterdam is every bit fascinating, warm and appealing.

Amsterdam is served by the Airport of Amsterdam Schiphol that serves the city with international flights which come and go from and to almost each and every part of the world and for getting the cheapest flight tickets to Amsterdam you just need to compare flights to Amsterdam on any of the travel booking website to get the best possible deal in order to save a good amount of money. After reaching their various other mediums to roam all over the city like the Dutch Railways which connects the city nationwide as well as with most other European cities.

Amsterdam hosts a budding cultural scene. It is venue to nearly 100 festivals in a year and it is home to 37 world famed museums, Amsterdam also has quite a lot of historical monuments, shopping districts, restaurants, entertainment arenas and lavish hotels to its credit. One can also book a hotel in his/her budget alongside cheapest flight tickets to Amsterdam as all these travel websites on which people compare flights to Amsterdam also serve people with booking hotels and cab services .

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