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Make the Most Out of Your Holiday in Manila for Cherished Moments


If you are planning for your next international holiday, which destination can be better than Manila? Manila, the capital city of Philippines, has been attracting many holidaymakers from all around the world who’re looking forward to take some great memories back home. Once known by the name of the “Pearl of the Orient”, Manila is recognized as the political and economic capital of the country and boasts of its historical and cultural landmarks. You would not find not one but a lot of reasons that support the fact why Manila has been explored by a huge number of both local and international tourists. You should inquire about booking cheapest flight tickets to Manila so that you can be in this exotic city sooner than you think.

The city of Manila welcomes you with arms wide open!
What can you not find in this vibrant city?

The city is loaded with lots of exciting things to do and interesting sights to see that you may run short of time, but the number of tourist highlights would not come to an end. So, you have to make sure that you have enough days in your bag so that you don’t have to regret later on for having missed any of the city’s finest place of interest. Manila is considered as a melting pot of rich historical and cultural heritage which would excite you deep inside. There are museums, theaters, opera houses, music halls, exhibitions etc in Manila that will not disappoint you, but would make you give in to the undying essence of the city.

The sightseeing spots in Manila are simply beyond compare as they take you on an exciting journey and it is a haven for those who have a deep fascination for exploring ancient treasures. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about knowing the history of this appealing city, you should compare air tickets to Manila so that you can take a tour to various places rich in history.

Some of the main historic treasures are mentioned below for you to discover

1.Intramuros –


Meaning “within the walls” is the ancient Spanish walled enclave which is full of magnificent buildings and beautiful churches. Built by the Spaniards way back in 1571, this walled city has a famous fort by the name of Fort Santiago which was destroyed when the war broke out in 1945.

2.San Agustin Church –

San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church is the oldest existing church in the country and lies inside the ancient walled city of Intramuros. This church with Baroque architecture has been regarded as a World Heritage Site and was built by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Well, there are other attractions in the city that are worth a visit, and if you want to take a short day tour to the surrounding areas like Las Pinas, Corregidor, Puerto Galera, and other places, you can do so other than enjoying the city life in Manila.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh Make Your City Break a Pleasant One

Do you remember when was the last time you took a city break? Well, it’s been quite long for not having taken a city break as you were professionally engaged in some crucial tasks. But you know that the summer season has already begun, you should consider flying to one of the most explored tourist destinations not only in the UK, but all across the globe. And what can be better than taking your long-awaited city break in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has all the reasons to catch the attention of those travelers who express a deep fascination for traveling back in time, and those who admire living in the present age. Located right in the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh is the city where you would be spoiled for choice because this charming Scottish town is loaded with so much in its bag to offer to you. You may run short of time, but there the fun and excitement in this city never come to an end. There is something magical in the air which keeps the travelers coming back for more and more. You must inquire about taking cheap flights to Edinburgh and choose the one which seems friendly on your pocket.

Welcome to the appealing city of Edinburgh!

You might not be able to get enough of this marvelous Scottish city on your first day but as and when you begin soaking yourself in its warmth, you will find every reason why you should fall in love with the city. It would be hard us to describe the ever-lasting charm of this city in plain words. This is because of the fact that everything in Edinburgh starting right from its scenery to architecture and its mouth-watering food is commendable, and lets every tourist have a great time to be cherished for long.

Edinburgh is the city which takes a great sense of pride for hosting the largest arts festival in the world held every August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In fact, it is the best known for its August festival, which is an extraordinary extravaganza that lasts for a month, and includes plenty of festivals which take place at the same time. But you would come to know about other festivals which take place throughout the year. If you want to be a part of the great arts festival, you must plan in advance and compare cheap flight tickets to Edinburgh so that you can get the best deal.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Edinburgh which you cannot afford to miss are mentioned below.

1.Enjoy the Striking Views from the Magnificent Edinburgh Castle – Situated on Castle Rock in Edinburgh, the magnificent Edinburgh Castle has been right at the heart of Scotland’s life for more than a millennium. It is, in fact, one of the major tourist highlights in the UK that have been turning its charm on every history lover. This stunning castle has played a crucial role in the history of Scotland, and served as a royal residence to the King Malcolm Canmore.

2.National Gallery of Scotland – You would never want to miss taking a tour to the Scottish National Gallery. This gallery houses a fine collection of Scottish and International art works and sculptures. You will come across various collections of art starting from the period of Renaissance to the 20th century.

3.Scott Monument – It is the monument dedicated to one of the great writers of Scotland, Sir Walter Scott. Born way back in 1771 in Edinburgh, Sir Walter Scott is known not only the first writer of historical novels, but also the best one, undoubtedly. His poems and books made him establish his name all around the world.

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Make Your Holiday a Soothing One with Kabul’s Popular Attractions

compare flights to kabul

There are so many tourist destinations in the world that have been acting as a great temptation for many eager holidaymakers who just cannot wait flying to one of their chosen destinations. Every destination on Earth is filled with plenty of mind-blowing attractions which are worthy of every traveler’s visit, and one such destination is Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

You will surely agree with the fact that not many tourists would like to fly to this city, as most of its area has been under the influence of the Taliban. But this does not make the passionate tourists to cause delay in their traveling plan by a month or so. Once they have decided to take cheap flights to Kabul, there is no looking back. Going on a holiday to the compelling city of Kabul will definitely be a treat for those who greatly admire associating themselves with the olden times. In fact, the historical background of this city dates back to more than 3,500 years ago. So, you can imagine which all empires had their respective share of rule over the city. After all the empires came to an end, Kabul was ruled by Babur, who was the founder of the Mughal Dynasty.

Kabul is the fifth largest growing city in the world and has been attracting many tourists from all around the world. You might have never considered going on a holiday to Kabul due to what’s been happening in the city, and these things reflect a negative image about the city, but your holiday destination this summer season should be the capital of Afghanistan. You surely will not be disappointed.

What are some of the most explored tourist attractions in Kabul?

To tell you the truth, there is simply no end to the number of highlights that attract every traveler visiting the city for the first time, but some of the most popular ones are mentioned below.

1.Kabul Museum – Once known as one of the greatest museums on Earth, the Kabul museum was opened way back in 1919. This museum lies in front of the Darulaman Palace and one of its interesting displays shows Hellenistic gold coins, antique bronzes and old Buddhist statues. Many history lovers take compare air tickets to Kabul so that they can book the one within their budget.

2.Babur’s Gardens – Babur, founder of the Mughal Kingdom, had a great love for his garden that he wished to be buried in the garden in the late 16th century. Many tourists visit this attraction, which is one of the most admired highlights in the city and it’s covered with a beautiful landscape.
3.Sultani Museum – The Sultani Museum was established way back in 2004 by Ahmad Shah Sultani, who was a renowned gold and antique merchant. He spent most of his time in the British capital and collected ancient pieces of Afghanistan in a huge number. You can find more than 3,000 Afghan pieces in this gallery.


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Is Sydney Your Holiday Destination this Summer?


Wow! Sydney is simply the place to be!  

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. Known as the harbour city, the beautiful city of Sydney has everything that is needed to create a magic on the passionate travelers. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest and cosmopolitan city that has managed to live up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world. If fun and excitement are on your mind this summer season, then you must inquire about cheap flights to Sydney and fly to one of the most sought after tourist destinations by booking those flights which fit well within your budget.

Can you resist the never-ending charm of Sydney?

Never! If we were to talk about the tourist attractions in this fascinating city, chances are we would simply fall short of words. No word can seem fit enough to describe the elegance of this city. Millions of tourists take flights to this wonderful city throughout the year with the sole intention to make the most out of their holiday. They simply do not care what season it is when it comes to boarding a flight which makes them land at the Sydney Airport. Once at the airport, they begin their journey taking to the heart of the city centre.

It does not matter if you are heading to Sydney for the first time ever, or returning time after time, you will always find something new to explore which will make your truly a cherish one. There is something in the air in this city that makes tourists come back for more and more excitement. Sydney has it all – rich history, lively culture, striking natural beauty, and a whole lot of attractions which no traveler can afford to ignore.

Looking for some of the best deals on cheap flights to Sydney? Contact, one of the leading travel comparison websites in the UK that would get you the deal you’re looking for on Sydney  flights.

Do you want to discover some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sydney?

The tourist attractions can be found in plenty and they will let you make your holiday in Sydney a memorable affair to remember. Some of the most explored ones are mentioned below.

1.Sydney Harbour Bridge – The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most popular attractions that are explored by every tourist visiting the city for the first time. You might have seen this great landmark in Hollywood movies, but having a real-life experience is far better than a reel one. Opened way back in 1932, this bridge is the best when explored on foot. You can atop the bridge by climbing the stairs from both sides. Many tourists compare flight tickets to Sydney so that they fly to one of the most cosmopolitan cities on Earth.

2.Sydney Opera House – If you are into enjoying ballets and theatres, it will be hard for you o miss visiting the Sydney Opera House, and is the busiest performing arts centre in the world. Around 1500 performances are held at this centre every year. Moreover, it has been regarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007.

3.Sydney Tower – Known as the tallest tower in the city and the second tallest one in the entire country, the Sydney Tower offers some of the breathtaking views of the city. You can indulge in a shopping spree at some of the plush malls inside this tower and also relish some of the best food options.

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How Comparing Flight Tickets to Delhi Plays a Vital Role?

compare flight tickets to DelhiDo you bear in mind when was the last time you had a flawless getaway with your close ones? Well, it surely must have taken a slip off your mind because you are so deeply engaged in other activities taking place at the professional end that you aren’t able to take even a breather for 5 minutes. How would you then be able to let your family enjoy in an amazing destination? You must have heard the aphorism “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You should get your acts together before this saying is imposed on you.

There are myriad destinations on the planet that are worth giving a touch of discovery, so why do you not this time go on an excursion to Delhi? We are quite certain that you perhaps not ever visited Delhi or even if you’ve visited, it must have been for a short duration as a result of which, you ran short of time when it came to take a proper tour in and around Delhi.

Why don’t you compare flight tickets to Delhi?

With the presence of lots of websites that let the end users compare flights to their chosen destinations, choosing a perfect travel comparison website offering rates within the means of the customers is no more a child’s play. Perhaps, it never was. This is because of the reason that every website acts as one of the genuine rates and flights comparing service providers and this leads to utter confusion in one’s mind as to which one of them should be relied on. Why? Just to get the best deal from plenty of them on offer. Many travel comparison websites are heard of but one such website is, which has solely been created for the customers that are on the lookout for some of the premium deals on flight ticket comparison and settling for the one that lets them save money in the end.

There are a number of flights from the UK that operate from cities like London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. British Airways, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic are some of the reputable airlines that fly from London to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL).

What would you not find in Delhi?

Recognized as the capital of India, Delhi is one of the most appealing cities in the world that tempt the tourists from the world over to come and explore its various facets. It in fact has been categorized into two parts: Old Delhi and New Delhi. If we talk about Old Delhi, it is awfully rich in historical and cultural heritage that still continue to exist since the times of yore when various Kingdoms saw their rise and decline. Some amazing historical forts and monuments form the old part of Delhi. On the other hand, New Delhi is the one which is dazzling and full of life. Shopping malls, cinema complexes, plush hotels, upscale restaurants, pubs, bars, parks, gardens etc there is something for people of all age groups. In short, Delhi is a sheer amalgamation of old and present.

You can visit some of the alluring tourist destinations given below.

Red Fort
Qutub Minar
India Gate
Akshardham Temple
National Museum
Jama Masjid



Let Cheapest Flight Tickets to Tirana Make your Holiday a Soothing One


As you know that the winters have almost come to an end, so why don’t you consider a holiday this summer in the country of Albania.

We are talking about the capital city of Albania, Tirana, which is simply choked with a plethora of attractions and catches the fancy of several travelers who look forward to dig deep into the roots of one of the ancient cities in the world. So, there’s definitely a lot for those who are history fanatics and cannot wait any longer to reveal the antiquities of this magnificent city. Founded in the year 1614, Tirana became the capital of this alluring European country in 1920. It would indisputably take you on a pleasurable historical ride which you would never feel like getting off from.

Other than being recognized as the capital of Albania, Tirana serves as the centre for political and economical activities. As a matter of fact, this city acts as a cultural heart of the nation whose ancient times still entice plenty of history lovers.

What not can you find in Tirana?

Taking a city break from your daily routine to one of the most admired cities on the planet can get you acquainted with its rich heritage the moment you touch down in the city after taking a flight to Tirana. Home to some of the public and private universities, this great Albanian town is replete with enchanting hotspots which are must haves to in one’s itinerary. Not only Tirana is packed with awe-inspiring attractions but can also take a romantic couple on a pleasing journey of a lifetime as it has the potential to let the couples take down to the city in a fanciful manner. Visit museums and art galleries if you really you want to travel back in time.

When it comes to finding an accommodation, there is no need for you to be bothered about the prices of the hotels because you find a number of them offering a stay within one’s budget. Also, you can dine in some of the best restaurants at reasonable rates. So, Tirana comes out as a heaven not only for wanderers but for couples who seek pleasure in their beloved one’s arms.

Why should take cheapest flight tickets to Tirana?

Many travel comparison websites can be made contact with in order to find cheap flight tickets to Tirana, but compareandfly is one such website that has been created considering the customer satisfaction at every step. You can find cheapest flight tickets to Tirana on this user-friendly website that would not let the end users land in a confused state of mind but provides them what they are looking for in terms of affordable flights to the Albanian capital.

Various airlines of repute like Alitalia, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airtlines offer a number of flights to Tirana from major airports in the UK. These flights can be taken from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Even British Airways has regular flights taking from London Heathrow (LHR) to Tirana International Airport (TIA). You can fly nonstop with British Airways to Tirana to make your journey an exciting one. How about becoming airborne with Lufthansa, one of the most admired airlines in the world? Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

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Instructions for Travelers to Book the Flights to Alicante from London


Busy people do not have sufficient time to go out and book the flights for traveling from current location to some other destination. In this developed world there are many ways to reserve air flights in advance as well as on time. Simply you have no needs to leave for an airport and by presence you have to ask an airline for booking a flight to Alicante, Spain. If you are interested to visit this city from London, then you must view the airlines that operate flights from UK to Spain.

Usually more than 165 airlines from London to Alicante operate their flight operations throughout the year. Thus you can easily get flight tickets in advance. Travelers who are going to travel first time usually face few confusions during flight reservation. They should use some easy ways to book their scheduled flights from London to Alicante, Spain.

Online Reservation System:

In the first, online reservation system for flights to Alicante from London is more reliable. You can reserve a tick from London to any region of the world within few minutes. However this would be a good thing for saving if you buy or book flights in advance. In fact advance reservation usually deliver more benefits to travelers and customers.

Online booking is very simple to be done. First they passengers or customers have to choose an airline and then find a flight on any desired date or time. If they get expected flight, then they have to fill number of flights and exact date or time. After this they have to pay for booking the tickets and on airport arrival they can get their advance reserved flight tickets.

Help From Travel Agent or Company:

Travel agency or an agent is the second valuable option for travelers to get flights to Alicante from London. Today there are hundreds of travel agencies and commission agents in London. You can visit official sites or offices of these companies and book your flight from London to Alicante, Spain. Generally this would be an economical way to book flights from London to any other region from some competitive markets. If there are many airlines, then definitely travelers will get discounts on booking their flights from London, UK to Alicante, Spain.

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