How Traveling Around the World Has Changed My Life?

26 May

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Traveling is not only my passion but that part I cannot even think about getting rid of. I never realised that I’d be bitten by the wanderlust bug until the day I was sort of a loner. I hardly interacted with people, and there were not few but many reasons supporting the fact why. As I kept living my life hoping that it’d remain as it was always, traveling brought the best in me. My last trip was to Vienna which was not so long ago.

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Travel changed my outlook towards life and how it should be enjoyed. Here are some ways I’d like to share with you:

1. More Social – There was a time when I could not gather enough courage to strike a conversation with people who were more like ‘perfect strangers’. Traveling gets you familiar with new faces you have never seen in life. It makes you learn how to make new friends while on the move. And as you talk to the strangers, you get comfortable, and the more comfortable you get, the more you’ll feel as if you have known them for years.

2.Good at Conversation – I strongly feel that traveling not only puts one in a comfort zone while talking to strangers, it also makes them good at it. Well, talking to people at all times will make you feel boring and their set of questions may annoy you. May be you find boring yourself too. And after a while, you would not care about where people come from, where they’re heading to, how long they’ve been traveling and all that jazz. You’ll become good at asking questions that would not sound dull or boring.

3.More Confident – Gone are the days when I used to feel low on confidence. As time passed by, traveling showed me what I was made of. I have traveled around 25 countries on my own. I was sure about my abilities to wander corners of the world without having anyone to accompany me. And after having explored a good number of places, I felt a lot more confident and so would you. Definitely you’re going to feel confident in achieving anything you’re determined to.

4.Look Young – It’s a known fact that stress is one of the causes of aging. Those relaxing, cheerful days will make you look young and feel confident. This way you’ll age slower unless you’re George Clooney who got better with age.

5.Be Happy – Traveling teaches you how to be happy. You’ll be more relaxed and no negativity would exist anymore in your mind. You’ll see the world as a beautiful place.

People always ask me how traveling around the world has changed me. If I look back in the past and compare myself to what I was a few years ago to what I’m now, I’d have to agree that traveling has made me a confident and more focused person. I have become a lot more cooler than I used to be when I was 28.

If truth be told, I personally think that everyone should understand why it’s important to travel. This is one such thing that changes you deep inside and brings out the best you thought you never had.

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