Hamburg – A Well-known Tourist Destination for a Pleasing Experience

23 Jul

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Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, is situated on the river Elbe and tempting lots of tourists from every corner of the world to take a flight for exploring the best of what it has preserved in its store.
Hamburg – A popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers for so many years that they have been looking for a reason to take to the air to Germany’s second largest city filled with so much to do and sights to behold. This German city takes an immense pride for being known as the “Gateway to the World” and is recognized for being one of the largest ports in Europe.

Hamburg will charm you with its rich history!

Those travelers who cannot do without taking a journey back in time will enjoy being in the city due to the fact that its history is simply unmatched. Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century came up with Treva, the first name for the city. The present name of the city “Hamburg” has come from the first permanent building on castle that was built on the orders of the Emperor Charlemagne in 808 AD.

Second only to the German capital in size and population, several eager tourists have been taking flights to Hamburg from London that take not more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Even if you are running short of time, you can be in this compelling city in just an hour and a half. So, the travelers flying from the British capital would not even suffer jetlag as you would be touching down on the German soil sooner than you think.

Hamburg has maintained its reputation for being a vibrant and exciting metropolitan city for long. It’s, in fact, been making every tourist landing in the city for the first time hop on an adventurous joyride that lets them cover anything and everything German.

What to do and see in fascinating Hamburg?

To begin with, take a tour of the Hamburg Harbour, the third largest one in the world after London and New York City. There are a number of ways you can enjoy this harbour having a rich history of over 800 years. Take a boat tour or leisurely walk along the water’s edge. How about catching some great views of the port? Enjoy some delicious cuisines at the Rive Bistro restaurant at the port.

22903_46962721253293f4a57c224f7afeb6dc_largeMake way to the St Michaelis Church, which is locally known by the name of The Michel. It is one of the most significant churches in the city and built in Baroque style. This church is considered one of the finest Hanseatic Protestant Baroque churches in Hamburg. Many tourists have been booking cheap flight tickets to Hamburg to visit this magnificent church.
The city of Hamburg is blessed to have more canals and bridges than Venice. Taking a canal boat trip would give you an immense pleasure as you keep yourself busy in admiring some great views of the city.

How about enjoying opera? The city is home to the Hamburg State Opera House, which is one of the most important opera houses in the country. It prides itself for being linked with great historical significance as the first opera house in Hamburg was built in 1678.

The shopping, dining and nightlife will leave you thrilled deep inside as you go on experiencing their charm. Take a Hamburg flight and make your weekend a pleasing affair to remember.


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