Make the Most Out of Your Holiday in Manila for Cherished Moments

28 May


If you are planning for your next international holiday, which destination can be better than Manila? Manila, the capital city of Philippines, has been attracting many holidaymakers from all around the world who’re looking forward to take some great memories back home. Once known by the name of the “Pearl of the Orient”, Manila is recognized as the political and economic capital of the country and boasts of its historical and cultural landmarks. You would not find not one but a lot of reasons that support the fact why Manila has been explored by a huge number of both local and international tourists. You should inquire about booking cheapest flight tickets to Manila so that you can be in this exotic city sooner than you think.

The city of Manila welcomes you with arms wide open!
What can you not find in this vibrant city?

The city is loaded with lots of exciting things to do and interesting sights to see that you may run short of time, but the number of tourist highlights would not come to an end. So, you have to make sure that you have enough days in your bag so that you don’t have to regret later on for having missed any of the city’s finest place of interest. Manila is considered as a melting pot of rich historical and cultural heritage which would excite you deep inside. There are museums, theaters, opera houses, music halls, exhibitions etc in Manila that will not disappoint you, but would make you give in to the undying essence of the city.

The sightseeing spots in Manila are simply beyond compare as they take you on an exciting journey and it is a haven for those who have a deep fascination for exploring ancient treasures. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about knowing the history of this appealing city, you should compare air tickets to Manila so that you can take a tour to various places rich in history.

Some of the main historic treasures are mentioned below for you to discover

1.Intramuros –


Meaning “within the walls” is the ancient Spanish walled enclave which is full of magnificent buildings and beautiful churches. Built by the Spaniards way back in 1571, this walled city has a famous fort by the name of Fort Santiago which was destroyed when the war broke out in 1945.

2.San Agustin Church –

San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church is the oldest existing church in the country and lies inside the ancient walled city of Intramuros. This church with Baroque architecture has been regarded as a World Heritage Site and was built by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Well, there are other attractions in the city that are worth a visit, and if you want to take a short day tour to the surrounding areas like Las Pinas, Corregidor, Puerto Galera, and other places, you can do so other than enjoying the city life in Manila.

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