Let Cheapest Flight Tickets to Tirana Make your Holiday a Soothing One

16 Mar


As you know that the winters have almost come to an end, so why don’t you consider a holiday this summer in the country of Albania.

We are talking about the capital city of Albania, Tirana, which is simply choked with a plethora of attractions and catches the fancy of several travelers who look forward to dig deep into the roots of one of the ancient cities in the world. So, there’s definitely a lot for those who are history fanatics and cannot wait any longer to reveal the antiquities of this magnificent city. Founded in the year 1614, Tirana became the capital of this alluring European country in 1920. It would indisputably take you on a pleasurable historical ride which you would never feel like getting off from.

Other than being recognized as the capital of Albania, Tirana serves as the centre for political and economical activities. As a matter of fact, this city acts as a cultural heart of the nation whose ancient times still entice plenty of history lovers.

What not can you find in Tirana?

Taking a city break from your daily routine to one of the most admired cities on the planet can get you acquainted with its rich heritage the moment you touch down in the city after taking a flight to Tirana. Home to some of the public and private universities, this great Albanian town is replete with enchanting hotspots which are must haves to in one’s itinerary. Not only Tirana is packed with awe-inspiring attractions but can also take a romantic couple on a pleasing journey of a lifetime as it has the potential to let the couples take down to the city in a fanciful manner. Visit museums and art galleries if you really you want to travel back in time.

When it comes to finding an accommodation, there is no need for you to be bothered about the prices of the hotels because you find a number of them offering a stay within one’s budget. Also, you can dine in some of the best restaurants at reasonable rates. So, Tirana comes out as a heaven not only for wanderers but for couples who seek pleasure in their beloved one’s arms.

Why should take cheapest flight tickets to Tirana?

Many travel comparison websites can be made contact with in order to find cheap flight tickets to Tirana, but compareandfly is one such website that has been created considering the customer satisfaction at every step. You can find cheapest flight tickets to Tirana on this user-friendly website that would not let the end users land in a confused state of mind but provides them what they are looking for in terms of affordable flights to the Albanian capital.

Various airlines of repute like Alitalia, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airtlines offer a number of flights to Tirana from major airports in the UK. These flights can be taken from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Even British Airways has regular flights taking from London Heathrow (LHR) to Tirana International Airport (TIA). You can fly nonstop with British Airways to Tirana to make your journey an exciting one. How about becoming airborne with Lufthansa, one of the most admired airlines in the world? Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

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