A Convenient and Affordable Trip to Berlin

02 Jan


There is a renewed interest among foreigners who want to visit Germany. It is a country that attracts tourists because of its exquisite museums, large theaters, sophisticated shopping malls, and fancy restaurants. There are cheap flights available to Berlin. Airlines have been promoting the rich history of the city.

Berlin can be visited any time of the year. Peak season in the city is summer and major holidays: Christmas, New Year, and Christmas. During peak season, the country is observed to have extremely wet weather. There are large trade shows and festivals, thus, hotels are high-priced during peak seasons.

The best time to visit and Berlin is when the country has comfortable weather. You can also have cheap flights to Berlin in spring and autumn. March, April, May, and October, and November are regarded to be the best travel periods in Berlin. March and November has few tourists, so prices for airfares are offered at a low rate as well as hotel accommodations.

Berlin Airports

When you want to compare flight tickets to Berlin, you can look at over 66 airlines. On the average, there are over 1,000 flights that leave Berlin each week from two major airports: Schonefeld International Airport and Tegel International Airport. Tegel is the city’s main international airport. It is located 5 miles northwest of the city center. It caters to almost over 15 million passengers a year. From Tegel, there are bus services where you can get in. There are bus options from the airport to the main railway lines and nearby underground or there buses which travel straight to the city. On the other hand, Schonefeld is around 12 miles southeast of the city center. It was the old East Berlin airport. Coming from Schonefeld, the best option to travel in the city center is via Airport Express. It will take you around 30 minutes to reach the city center. There are also bus options to get to mainline stations and nearby underground.

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