Visiting the Enchanting Cities of Cairo and Berlin in a Cheaper Way

29 Jul

Cairo and Berlin Trip

Berlin is the heart of Europe. Berlin dazzles our heart with her multi-social assorted qualities. You can go on bike; foot; transport; “rickshaw”. See Berlin as the Berliners do. The city is level, green and very available by means of bicycle paths. Indeed in mid-city the roads are very sheltered. Some of the places to visit in Berlin are:

  • Berlin wall: The memorial is open for visitors and also contains a memorial which is really beautiful and definitely a place to visit.
  • Brandenburg gate: It is one of the most celebrated icons of Germany and thus a must see. It is a symbol of the independence of Berlin.
  • German historical Museum: This museum is filled with European history. Visit it to take in the culture and its interesting history.

Visit availing discounted flight tickets to Berlin only on and enjoy this city’s views.

Also, a trip to Egypt is a way to get in touch with one of the oldest civilisations. Egypt’s most loved city is Cairo. The capital pulls in a large number of voyagers consistently from all parts of the world. In spite of the fact that the city has a series of attractions like: Giza’s pyramids certainly make you feel as though you have meandered away into an alternate piece of the planet. Also, the Sphinx of Giza, standing tall in the midst of a chain of pyramids lays this assumes that has the substance of a person and the assemblage of a lion and is one of the most famous attractions. The Citadel is a religious fascination and a famous traveller spot. The Citadel has an influential history behind it and its religious nature makes it required for the sightseers to spruce up properly. Compare fight tickets to Cairo and visit this enchanting city.

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