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23 Jul

Edinburg is a beautiful city located in the South East region of Scotland and is the capital city of Scotland. It has an assortment of Georgian and Medieval architecture. It is rich in links with the past and has a number of historic buildings which are loved by all and shows the beauty of the place.

Accommodation in Edinburgh is generally of high standard with a variety of 5 star hotels and luxurious penthouses, but there are many cheap hotels and hostels on budget. The places like castle end of the Royal Mile and the grass market area are impressive. It is a beautiful and bustling city for the whole year. It has many special highlights which judges the best time to tourism the place. Some of them are:

  • Edinburgh art festival.
  • International book festival.
  • Royal Edinburgh military tattoo
  • Fringe festival
  • Edinburgh International festival.

Edinburgh has mild humid temperature climate. It has warm summers and no dry season. The temperature varies from one degree Celsius to nineteen degree Celsius and is rarely below -5 or above 22 degree Celsius making it a cold and fun loving place for the visit. August is the best time for traveling there.

The transportation facility of the city is very fine providing a very good public transport facility with taxis, buses and trams connecting the city significantly. Edinburgh has its own international airport. It is about 25 minutes by car from west of Edinburgh city center. There are many facilities provided by the airport like shopping, restaurants, and other living and parking facilities.

For having your traveling at the best prices one must get cheap flights to Edinburgh by checking all the airlines ticket rates properly and selecting the best and cheapest flight tickets to Edinburgh to make the trip affordable.


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