6 Great Things You Can Do for Free in Glasgow

As Scotland’s largest city, you will really be spoilt for choice as there is a lot lying in Glasgow. Like any of its size, this amazing Scottish city has a wide range of things you can see and do without having to pay even a single penny.

From interesting galleries to bizarre historical sites, family attractions and parks, there’s something for everyone in Glasgow.

Planning a day out in Glasgow that does not cost you a fortune? Here are six things you can do absolutely free of any charge while holidaying around in the city:

1.Admire Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s legacy in stone

Few architects have had a great impact on a city as Charles Rennie Macintosh has had on the Scottish town of Glasgow. House for an Art Lover (Bellahouston Park), The Lighthouse in the city centre, Scotland Street School Museum (Southside) etc. reflect his great talents, but none seems more remarkable than Glasgow School of Art.

2.Read the words of Edwin Morgan

When the position of the Makar (Poet Laureate of Scotland) was established back in 2004, there was one outstanding candidate for the title. Edwin Morgan, one of the greatest ever literary talents in Scotland, held the role until he passed away at 90. But luckily his words still live on expressing his talent, and are engraved deep into the pavement at the Candleriggs.

3.Search around wildest car boot sale in Glasgow


As the old saying goes “If you’re not first, you’re last”, and this saying won’t sound much relevant than at Polmadie’s cut-price car boot sale. Food, junk, clothes, tobacco accessories, rare books, you can find almost everything here. But make sure you arrive early, or you’ll have to leave with nothing.

4.Recall the Spanish Civil War at La Pasionara

George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway fought fascism in the Spanish Civil War, and thousands of Scottish sympathisers had to leave home also, with some of them never coming back. This stunning sculpture recognises them with the moving title, “it is better to die on your feet than live forever on your knees”.

5.Get up close and personal with modern art at the GOMA

The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), which is open seven days a week, features material from emerging and established contemporary artists. It also consists recent works from Scottish poet and sculptor Ian Hamilton Finlay. There is a Saturday Art Club, with drop-in sessions for the kids.

6.Feed the ducks at Kelvingrove Park

As per the studies conducted it’s been shown that humans find ducks completely hilarious, more than any other living creature. So, you can spend a Sunday afternoon feeding the ducks the remains from your bread bin. Keep in mind that the kids should not get too close to them.

Final Words About Glasgow

Often being referred to as the most exciting place in the country, Glasgow attractions including magnificent buildings, thriving cultural life, stylish restaurants and fashionable stores compel tourists to book cheap flight tickets to Glasgow for an unforgettable city break or holiday.

Being a vibrant and energetic city, Glasgow has buzz all year round with high-profile attractions as well as producing cutting-edge productions that managed to earn the city the title of “European City of Culture.”

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Instructions to Compare and Obtain Cheap Airline Tickets


Looking for a cheap airline ticket? Benefit greatly from useful tips that will let you compare and book cheap flights to your chosen destination.

Here are some useful tips that have been found by travel industry experts for your convenience:

Visit airline sites or travel booking sites
Most airlines or travel booking sites like “compareandfly” promote their modest tickets just on their sites. This is genuine particularly of markdown airlines. You must stay informed regarding such rebates by being dynamic guests on their online sites. Once in a while significant airlines likewise promote their rebate tickets on their sites.

Rebate airlines
Various markdown airlines work in the middle of major and minor airports. They offer considerably shabby airline tickets. In any case, they will not have peculiarities like dinners, water, in-flight amusement like music, magazines and so on. They additionally regularly charge less on things.

Season deals
There are numerous shoddy tickets up for gets amid season of offers. Deals are regularly sorted out amid off peak season like winter. Some rebate airlines offer’ totally free’ tickets that convey just taxes. One must stay informed regarding airline news through pamphlets or sites for proclamation of offers.

Advance booking
The cheapest flight tickets on a plane are its initial couple of seats sold. So to spare cash, book your tickets much ahead of time. Hold up for the time when booking begins and act quickly.

Booking in off season
It is best to go off season if you have an eye on shabby tickets. Additionally off peak timings like late night or Sunday mornings can emphasize shabby tickets. Commonly Friday and Sunday nights are top time and tickets are immoderate.

Price war
Now and then two noteworthy airlines may be working the same course in the meantime and accordingly may participate in a value cutting rivalry. You can advantage from this circumstance. You may get to think about this through exact news reports.

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How Traveling Around the World Has Changed My Life?

Cheap Flight to Alicante

Traveling is not only my passion but that part I cannot even think about getting rid of. I never realised that I’d be bitten by the wanderlust bug until the day I was sort of a loner. I hardly interacted with people, and there were not few but many reasons supporting the fact why. As I kept living my life hoping that it’d remain as it was always, traveling brought the best in me. My last trip was to Vienna which was not so long ago.

The best deal on flights to Alicante was on my mind and I grabbed the one from – a leading travel comparison search engine in the shortest time possible. I neither had to wait for long nor faced any hassles while booking the flight online.

Travel changed my outlook towards life and how it should be enjoyed. Here are some ways I’d like to share with you:

1. More Social – There was a time when I could not gather enough courage to strike a conversation with people who were more like ‘perfect strangers’. Traveling gets you familiar with new faces you have never seen in life. It makes you learn how to make new friends while on the move. And as you talk to the strangers, you get comfortable, and the more comfortable you get, the more you’ll feel as if you have known them for years.

2.Good at Conversation – I strongly feel that traveling not only puts one in a comfort zone while talking to strangers, it also makes them good at it. Well, talking to people at all times will make you feel boring and their set of questions may annoy you. May be you find boring yourself too. And after a while, you would not care about where people come from, where they’re heading to, how long they’ve been traveling and all that jazz. You’ll become good at asking questions that would not sound dull or boring.

3.More Confident – Gone are the days when I used to feel low on confidence. As time passed by, traveling showed me what I was made of. I have traveled around 25 countries on my own. I was sure about my abilities to wander corners of the world without having anyone to accompany me. And after having explored a good number of places, I felt a lot more confident and so would you. Definitely you’re going to feel confident in achieving anything you’re determined to.

4.Look Young – It’s a known fact that stress is one of the causes of aging. Those relaxing, cheerful days will make you look young and feel confident. This way you’ll age slower unless you’re George Clooney who got better with age.

5.Be Happy – Traveling teaches you how to be happy. You’ll be more relaxed and no negativity would exist anymore in your mind. You’ll see the world as a beautiful place.

People always ask me how traveling around the world has changed me. If I look back in the past and compare myself to what I was a few years ago to what I’m now, I’d have to agree that traveling has made me a confident and more focused person. I have become a lot more cooler than I used to be when I was 28.

If truth be told, I personally think that everyone should understand why it’s important to travel. This is one such thing that changes you deep inside and brings out the best you thought you never had.

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Istanbul – My Favourite Holiday Destination

Istanbul cheap travel

After a flight to Istanbul? Fancy a holiday in Istanbul? A blessed city is what Istanbul is all about and you soon would be getting accustomed to its pace after you have touched down on the Turkish soil.

You would not find any other city in the world that’s as culturally diverse and uniquely located as Turkey’s most populous city. Many travelers have been comparing cheap flights to Istanbul for an unforgettable Turkish experience. This city by all means is an exotic and a vibrant city that has been attracting travelers from all around the world for getting a taste of both continents – Asia and Europe. A city with loads of exciting history and interesting culture, Istanbul is a spectacular destination for explorers.

Istanbul is a delightful city – sitting on both sides of Europe and Asia, and these contents are divided by the Bosphorus, which is one of the busiest waterways in the world and a charming cruise location. Connecting the two continents, this great city has been offering layers of history, culture and colours.

I boarded a British Airways flight that took to the air from London Heathrow though it was a direct flight that delivered me to the city in just 3 hours and 50 minutes. I really enjoyed the flight and the warm hospitality I was served with while on aboard.

Well, I knew that grabbing the best deal on discounted flights to Istanbul was not a task that could be achieved in the blink of an eye. This is because Istanbul is such a popular destination that every tourist wants to get a feel of two continents at the same time.

Some of the top travel comparison search engines tried to win my confidence with their offerings but in vain. They could not satisfy my budget as I had allocated a limited budget on traveling. But offered me a deal I found hard to deny. I had to accept it as it saved me pounds and made me travel with confidence.

Anyway! That was about booking flights to Istanbul. Even though it was my first time in the city of Istanbul, I felt as if I had explored the city already. Historically known by the names of Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul has held a crucial place not only in Turkish history but world history as well.

Istanbul, an ancient city, is definitely a treat for those who like step back in time. From the Sulleymaniye Mosque and Hagia Sophia to the Grand Bazaar, you would be spoiled for choice. This ancient town comes across as a fine blend of history and modernisation, Eastern and Western cultures, sights and sounds. With loads of minarets, mosques, bazaars and Christian churches, you have to make sure you have enough time to explore all the attractions in your ‘to-do’ list.

Fond of shopping? You’ll surely love Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar, founded in 1461, is one of the oldest and biggest covered markets in the world. This market comprises 61 streets with more than 4,000 shops. So, display your bargaining skills and try to reduce the price by 40%. And the nightlife is one thing that’s not to be missed. A lot of small bars are playing great live music in Galata, Ortaköy and Beyoğlu.

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Hamburg – A Well-known Tourist Destination for a Pleasing Experience

cheap flight tickets to Hamburg

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, is situated on the river Elbe and tempting lots of tourists from every corner of the world to take a flight for exploring the best of what it has preserved in its store.
Hamburg – A popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers for so many years that they have been looking for a reason to take to the air to Germany’s second largest city filled with so much to do and sights to behold. This German city takes an immense pride for being known as the “Gateway to the World” and is recognized for being one of the largest ports in Europe.

Hamburg will charm you with its rich history!

Those travelers who cannot do without taking a journey back in time will enjoy being in the city due to the fact that its history is simply unmatched. Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century came up with Treva, the first name for the city. The present name of the city “Hamburg” has come from the first permanent building on castle that was built on the orders of the Emperor Charlemagne in 808 AD.

Second only to the German capital in size and population, several eager tourists have been taking flights to Hamburg from London that take not more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. Even if you are running short of time, you can be in this compelling city in just an hour and a half. So, the travelers flying from the British capital would not even suffer jetlag as you would be touching down on the German soil sooner than you think.

Hamburg has maintained its reputation for being a vibrant and exciting metropolitan city for long. It’s, in fact, been making every tourist landing in the city for the first time hop on an adventurous joyride that lets them cover anything and everything German.

What to do and see in fascinating Hamburg?

To begin with, take a tour of the Hamburg Harbour, the third largest one in the world after London and New York City. There are a number of ways you can enjoy this harbour having a rich history of over 800 years. Take a boat tour or leisurely walk along the water’s edge. How about catching some great views of the port? Enjoy some delicious cuisines at the Rive Bistro restaurant at the port.

22903_46962721253293f4a57c224f7afeb6dc_largeMake way to the St Michaelis Church, which is locally known by the name of The Michel. It is one of the most significant churches in the city and built in Baroque style. This church is considered one of the finest Hanseatic Protestant Baroque churches in Hamburg. Many tourists have been booking cheap flight tickets to Hamburg to visit this magnificent church.
The city of Hamburg is blessed to have more canals and bridges than Venice. Taking a canal boat trip would give you an immense pleasure as you keep yourself busy in admiring some great views of the city.

How about enjoying opera? The city is home to the Hamburg State Opera House, which is one of the most important opera houses in the country. It prides itself for being linked with great historical significance as the first opera house in Hamburg was built in 1678.

The shopping, dining and nightlife will leave you thrilled deep inside as you go on experiencing their charm. Take a Hamburg flight and make your weekend a pleasing affair to remember.


Make the Most Out of Your Weekend Break in Dublin

compare flights to dublin

Fancy going away to Dublin? Take a flight to a city that has become more of a tourist destination making every traveler have a great time.

What can we say about the charm the city of Dublin has preserved for more than a thousand years? Recognised as the capital and largest city of Ireland, this vibrant, interesting and welcoming city has been letting every traveler board the flight departing not from the UK, but all around the world. Located on the east coast of the island nation, Dublin prides itself for being home to over half a million people who call themselves as “Dubliners” (demonym used for a local resident of Dublin).

Dublin has proven to be an inspirational spot for writers, poets, painters and visitors for several years.  
Let Dublin take your breath away!

Know that your weekend break in the Emerald Isle (a poetic name for Ireland) would have no meaning if you don’t visit its capital city, Dublin. One of the most explored tourist destinations of Europe for taking a perfect weekend break, the Irish capital has never lost its appeal which is reflected through its interesting history, inspiring culture, great shopping, and last but certainly not the least, its pulsating nightlife. Don’t you think that being a first timer on a visit to Dublin, all the finest places of interest are dying to seek a permanent place in your memories? So, let them stay in your great old collection of memories for they would let you treasure them over and over again. Inquire about cheap flights to Dublin and take the one which seems pocket friendly.

Established by the Vikings in the 10th century, the Irish capital has been soaked in rich history. If you to find some amazing evidence that belongs to the times gone by, you would have to dig deep into its ancient and magnificent past.

If you want to be surprised by this city as it has been doing with every Dubliner, ensure that you cover all its major spots this city is known for. Well, there are many to tell you the truth, and some of them are always ready to take one’s breath away. This Irish town is so town that it may land you in a confused state of mind as to where to begin your journey from. But there’s no need to worry at all! A Dubliner is always willing to help the tourists with a smile on his face guiding you in the right manner.

Let’s take a tour to some of the finest attractions in the city, shall we?
1.National Museum of Ireland –

cheapest flight tickets to Dublin

Established way back in 1877, the National Museum of Ireland is definitely a worth a visit. Having three branches in the city and another one in County Mayo, this museum is located at Kildare Street. It exhibits the finest collections of prehistoric gold artefacts. Many history lovers book cheapest flight tickets to Dublin to explore the best of this museum.

2.Christ Church Cathedral –

cheap flights to Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral exterior

The Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Dublin which you cannot afford to miss. Its Gothic architecture is simply mind-blowing which you continue admiring for hours.

Well, there are other attractions as well Dublin proudly boasts of, but you would have to take a flight to this incredible city for exploring them.

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Make the Most Out of Your City Break in Amsterdam – The Land of Windmills

cheapest flight tickets to Amsterdam

Are you eager to take a city break in one of the most beautiful and admired destinations in the world? It’s time to pack your bags and get going to Amsterdam. This Dutch city has long been filling a temptation in the travelers’ minds who are out on their journey to seek nothing but a great pleasure. If truth be told, these travelers are so moved by the word “pleasure” that they make every effort to get pleasure from wherever they can, and that’s what the Dutch city is all about.

This city is a striking blend of old and new that would make you fall in love with it at the first sight.

Now there are lots of things to do and sights to see which the charming city of Amsterdam has preserved for passionate travelers like you who just cannot do without taking a city break in any of the European cities each year. According to you, traveling is an art which you fondly cherish. The people of this city are kind and friendly, and moreover, you would not face any problem in communicating with them. Take cheap flights to Amsterdam for a mind-blowing weekend break.

There is LOTS to catch hold of in this breathtaking city!

The fascinating city of Amsterdam welcomes you with all its heart out!

Let’s put this way! Amsterdam is one of the jewels of Europe that have been witnessing a major arrival of the tourists not only from Europe buy every corner of the world. Words are not enough when it comes to describing the beauty of Amsterdam. Known as the capital of the Netherlands, no tourist can ever leave back home with a disappointed look on his face because what he will explore in this city will simply take his breath away. It’s truly a heaven for the travelers who wish to see themselves surrounded by the stunning sights that are simply beyond compare. Amsterdam is, in fact, the most densely inhabited city of the Netherlands.

The Windmills!

Don’t forget to explore the eight windmills which are located in and around the city. Windmills are a must visit and are considered as an iconic landmark. There was a time when there were 10,000 windmills in the city.

Did you know that Amsterdam is also known by the name of “Venice of the North?”

It’s true that there are lots of canals in this Dutch capital that draw many visitors from all around the world to witness the beauty of these canals, and they can be navigated by boat. The 17th century canals have been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What can you not find in this city?

So many places of interest just seem enough to make your city break a pleasing one to be treasured for long. The amazing shopping districts, inspiring museums, magnificent historical architecture, interesting art galleries and what not. How’s it sound when you to come to know that you can smoke marijuana at coffee shops. Yes, it’s true! You would come across many coffee shops where people are allowed to smoke a small amount of cannabis say 5g. And these coffee shops would not sell cannabis to anyone under 18 years of age.

Amsterdam is a renowned city for its incredible culture where people can smoke marijuana only at licensed cafés and can attain bodily pleasure at the red light district, but there’s a lot more in store than  just these things which Amsterdam is so known all over the world, especially the latter one. So, don’t let time slip off your hands and book cheapest flight tickets to Amsterdam for an amazing city break.

Time to explore some of the best attractions to enjoy your holiday like never before!

Some of the most preferred attractions include Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Palace on the Dam, Hermitage Amsterdam, Artis Zoo, Amsterdam Windmills and many more.

We wish you a pleasant city break in this appealing city! Have fun!

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